Current Class offerings

Introduction to Meditation

  • 4 Classes, every Tuesday Evening at 7:30pm, starting August 1st

- What is meditation, really?

-Why should I do it? I'm busy. 

-What's the difference between all the different styles?

- How do I do it? 

-What does meditation have to do with wisdom?

- Is meditation a hoax? Where's the science? 


What is Wisdom? 

  • 4 Classes, Every Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm, starting August 1st

What is Wisdom?

- Aren't sex, drugs and rock & roll enough? 

- Can't I just get it using my own methods? 

- How would my life change if I were wiser? 


Do It Yourself Healing: Introduction to Self-Therapy and IFS

  • 8 Classes, Every Monday Evening at 7:30pm, starting August 1st

What if you learned to talk to parts of yourself that seem to get in the way of what you really want to do?

-What if you stopped getting stuck and doing harmful things to yourself and to others?

-What if you really got to know yourself better, without having to pay a therapist lots of money every week?


Understanding How Others Think: Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

  • 4 Classes, Every Thursday Evening at 7:30pm, starting August 1st

- What if you understood why your boss says what she says?

- What if you understood why you're unhappy in your business start-up?

- What if you understood why people vote the way they do?

- What if you began to understand how you think differently depending on what life situation you find yourself in? 

- What if you began to understand why people fight? 

Future Classes:


  • Wisdom in Poetry
  • Wisdom in Film Series: Movies  + Drinks + Conversation 
  • Mad Men: Looking for Wisdom in all the Wrong Places 
  • The Wire: What is Justice? 
  • Siddhartha (In-depth Reading)
  • The Journal of Henry David Thoreau (In-depth Reading)


  • What is Wisdom?
  • What is Happiness? 
  • What are Friends for? How to cultivate Deep Friendship
  • How to Clean up and Simplify your life
  • Thinking in Colors: Spiral Dynamics to help you meet people where they are. 


  • Design Your Life
  • How to Learn (Better)
  • The Soul of Money
  • Meditation
  • Meditation for Young Adults
  • Meditation for Children
  • Writing Beautifully
  • Writing Analytically
  • Elon Musk: How to Change the World 
  • How to Not Go to College and Still Kick Ass: The Gap Year Redefined 
  • Skip the Therapy by doing it yourself: Introduction to IFS 
  • Hakomi: Experiential, Body-Centered Therapy 
  • What's going on with my Teenager's brain?

Eastern Thought

  • The Heart Sutra: Understanding the Core text of Buddhism
  • Trust in Mind: The Zen Poem with the most bang
  • 10 Commandments, Revised Eastern Style
  • The Art of the Zen Master: What are those guys up to anyway? 
  • Is that some kind of eastern thing? What does Eastern thought have to say to the West? 
  • Four Noble Truths: Actions not Ideas
  • What is Karma?