How do I start? 

Send an email to in which you explain who you think you are and who you wish to become. Then write another section explaining why whatever you're doing now isn't working well, or how you'd like to reimagine or supplement your education's path. 

What are my options?

1hr consultation: Examples: you have a specific question about meditation; you need help guiding an essay; you're confused about what to do post-graduation, or which school to apply to if any. You'd like to talk about your options in terms of education and fulfillment.  $125/hr 

10 consultations: A wise way to develop your questions but on your own schedule. $999

4hr half-day intensive session: Many questions hide within other questions. What are yours? $350

1 Day intensive: An introduction to what a day at The Wisdom Smithy is like. Meditation, Analytical Thinking, Discussion about purpose and finding ways to build work experience, physical activity and reflection. $500

3 months: A season of practice and learning. At this level of commitment, we begin to cultivate curriculum based on the questions that matter most to you. $3000

6 months: Two seasons of practice in which inquiry is deepened and curriculum evolves over time. $5000

1 year: A true "gap-year" steeped in transforming your life away from blind ambition toward clarity of vision and aspiration. $7000

2 years: Who knows what will happen, but as Rilke wrote: "You must change your life." $10,000

Are homeschoolers a good fit?

Yes. The Wisdom Smithy is designed to offer mentorship and structure to those who are motivated to learn without the rigidity of outdated school models. 

I have a job by day/night. But I seek wisdom. What are my options?

Being flexible means never getting bent out of shape. The Wisdom Smithy is an international-level gymnast and we'll figure out a schedule that works for you. Perhaps it means evenings? Or focused study over the weekends? Or maybe certain months work better than others? The cultivation of wisdom does not need to follow a conventional M-F, 9-5 template. There are more things in heaven and earthHoratio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 

I'm a successful CEO with a full-time career. But I'm due for some reflection. Is this a right fit? 

Yes. Many people have done exceptionally well in their careers but now desire some space to reflect on their changing aspirations or sense of dis-ease.  The Wisdom Smithy will help you discover the best best questions you have about your life. 

I don't live in Austin. Is online attendance possible?

Yes. Digital technology has made virtual meetings easy to arrange. However, we would need to have a consultation about the limitations and plan ways to supplement the shortcomings of the online model. 


[More Questions and Answers Coming soon]