"The practice of meditation, with its bare attention to the rising and ceasing of [things as they are], represents a short-circuiting of the codes we impose on reality. These are undercut and disempowered as the mind trains to register perceptions without editorial comment or discursive thought. By remaining aloof from conceptualization, which tends to function within pre-established constructs, the practitioner refrains from perpetuating their validity. Rather than processing noise to extract message, she, in effect, switches off the message in order to receive more of the noise. The exercise amounts to a deliberate mismatching and production of positive feedback, as awareness widens to the rush of impersonal psycho-physical events, wherein no permanent “I” is evident. The cybernetic circuit, experienced in this way, is particularly suitable to validation of the Buddha’s teachings about self, since, "in such analysis (of experience) we do not see a categorial “I” against a categorically distinct ‘you’ or ‘it.’ ~ Joanna Macy (Mutual Causality)